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More on BIDs

Business Improvement Districts or BIDs have been extremely successful in investing hundreds of millions of pounds into town, city and industrial centres across the UK over the past fifteen years.  


Backed by Government framework, the strength and flexibility of the not-for-profit BID model has enabled BIDs to develop extensively across the country and the number operating successfully now stands at over 300. 


Voted in and then governed by the business communities they serve, BIDs:


  • have delivered positive change and economic uplift while at the same time, ensured transparency and accountability for their members. 

  • provide leadership and a strong voice for business communities nationwide

  • influence action and change through local, regional and national lobbying on a wide range of critical issues

  • have been the catalyst to attracting inward investment for major capital programmes


The value of investment by the Truro BID in award-winning projects over the past ten years.


of all BID businesses in St Austell, Cornwall are now engaged in the Shopwatch scheme as part of the broader Safe & Secure project. 

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